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I had arranged with my santiago Airbnb host to have someone pick me up at the airport. I was originally to have had my car but, well, we know that story. My host lives in a very different area of Santiago from where I stayed the first time. This is more the upscale financial district and there were beautiful houses and apartment buildings in gorgeous tree lined streets with nice restaurants. I got a shrimp and quinoa salad at a restaurant called Route 66 (very American) and then strolled down to the Costanera shopping mall. I've never seen such a big shopping mall. I found a nail place and got a regular mani and pedi which I desperately needed for 20,000 clp or about $32. I chilled the rest of the day. Alex the driver came and picked me up at 5 am the next morning for my early flight to Buenos Aires. Plenty early so I hit the Lounge (using my priority pass from the credit card) for food and coffee. I fly to EZE in BA and then need to take a bus across town to the other airport AEP to get my flight to Iguazu.

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