Vegas Nov 2017 travel blog

Storage bin after ice maker line leak

Wind still howling. Supposed to be windy all day. Got takeout breakfast at the RV park restaurant. Decent bacon and eggs for $5. Welcome to Vegas baby. After breakfast I start reading the 10,000 pages of manuals that came with the new RV. I find the part that describes where to install the ice maker filter cartridge. We found the cartridge in a drawer. Apparently the prep crew forgot to install it. So I install it in the fitting under the sink and go back to reading the manuals. About 10 minutes later I notice the dog lapping up some water on the floor in front of the sink cabinet. I check under the sink. No water there but I turn off the ice maker valve and remove the cartridge. Go outside and there is water EVERYWHERE. The storage bins on both sides of the rig are soaking wet. Water is pouring out of the engine compartment. A complete mess. Ice maker plumbing either not connected somewhere or ruptured. In either case, clearly missed by prep crew. I am so pissed. I call La Mesa and unload on everybody I talk to.

Finally calm down enough to go outside and unload the car. Find out that nobody installed the locking pin in the hitch. A miracle the hitch stayed on the ball for the trip. Whew!

Took the grandkids to lunch and then the Sea Quest kids interactive aquarium. I think we enjoyed it more than they did.

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