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Out take of Mel waking up

The pile of mail we had to deal with was pretty small...

Ticket stub for Luxor and Valley of the Kings

Tickets and ammonites from Petra, Jordan

Got up at 2:15 AM to make the 3:15 bus time to the airport. Checked in and hung out in the British Airways business class lounge until time to head to the gate. Our 11 hour flight home was uneventful. No turbulence. We had business class seats, so room to stretch out. The plane route was across Iceland and through Canada. Must be faster to fly over the top of the world. Immigration in LA was fast and mostly self service. All our worries about paying customs duty on all the stuff we bought, went for not as the guy just waved us through and said “Welcome Home”.

Our friend Silva picked us up at the airport and took us back to their house for Mexican food. Vic and Yvette came over, bringing Martha. Martha was very happy to see Mel, but gave me the cold shoulder for the next 4 days.

Being retired finally sunk in when we realized we did not have to unpack quickly and get ready to go back to work. Took 2 days to unpack the two bags and two backpacks we came home with. Mel has been doing laundry for the past five days since she wanted to wash everything from the cruise along with a bunch of blankets and towels around the house. Didn’t like the laundry soap on the ship. We switched to using the shower gel instead and the clothes felt better. We had two big bags shipped from London. The first one got here on Tuesday but the second one was delayed in London because a dangerous or disallowed item has been detected. The item was being removed. The shipping company was not able to give us anymore information. We racked our brains as to what was in that bag. Showed up on Thursday. No further explanation but it had been thoroughly searched. Everything was opened and stuff back in haphazardly. As far as we could tell nothing was missing. Don’t know what was dangerous.

So laundry is done but finding room for all those new T-shirts meant we had to get rid of a bunch of the old ones. Still have to deal with the foot tall pile of “souvenirs” we picked up on our travels sitting on the dining room table. Today we both finally feel mostly on this time zone. Went to the mall to get a replacement iPhone to replace the one I took with me into the pool at the Equator crossing ceremony. In 5 months, a lot has changed around the neighborhood and mall. We have new neighbors across the street and next door.

We are glad to be home but really glad we did the trip. It was a beyond incredible experience. We are grateful to everyone who supported us to make this possible.

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