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Wednesday 8th November 2017/Thursday 9th November 2017

Guangzhou to Sydney

Woke up and had breakfast in the restaurant after admiring the view from the 25th Floor, totally amazing, definitely not as polluted as Delhi, but overcast today. We could see from our window a lake and a park, so we decided to go for a walk there after lunch. So, after we had eaten a Chinese meal (how strange, this being China) for lunch, we set out to explore the vicinity. The local people mustn’t see many Westerners as we were a constant source of interest and even were asked to be included in photos. Mostly they were very friendly though. We walked to where we saw the lake and discovered that there was a very old amusement park with some very rusty looking rides and very few customers, today being a Wednesday. The series of lakes were quite pretty and you could hire pedal boats to use on the lake, but it was very quiet. We then walked back to the shops and had a look at clothes etc., all, surprisingly, or maybe not, made in China. Back to the hotel where early dinner was pretty much a repeat of lunch, then we caught the shuttle bus back to the airport. The flight home to Sydney was smooth. We then caught the train from Sydney back to Hamilton and the bus from there to Anna Bay. David walked home to get the car then we picked up Bella from the cattery at Salt Ash, just one day late. Great trip to India, enjoyed it all.

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