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Hey guys so its been a while since i have updated you guys. So I will start at break. For our Fall break Haley and I went home to the States and enjoyed the luxury of a comfy bed and nice hot water. We also got to enjoy the comforting from our puppy Boris. Speaking of this mastiff, guess who received some professional training. Yep he no longer needs to be alpha when we walk, now he is all long as the family follows the rules of the training session. The guy was super nice and it was a very educational and different style of training. This was mostly focused on him doing his job and us having to step up to do our part so he doesn't feel he needs to do our part. I did however disagree with some of the things the trainer said like for one the guy said that just because Boris is our pet doesn't mean he deserves to be pushed aside like yesterdays meatloaf. Example: If boris puts his head on his foot whlle he sleeps, we are supposed to push him a way and ask him to put his head there. For one we have just woken him up so he won't want to go back to sleep and two we are being rude to him which can cause a number of listening and relationship problems. He is man's best friend so as long as he isn't taking advantage I will let him do what he wants.

During break Haley, Dad and I went to the coolest museum... It was called the Newseum. It is a museum all about news. It was soooo cool that I will have to go back again. I will definitely be doing the virtual reality again and I totally recommend visiting it. There were headlines from every year and all over the world. I don't want to spoil it for those who will visit but It is a good one to visit. Also during break, Haley, our parents and I went to see a Shakespear's play. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Shakespear but this play was about Cleopatra and Anthony, so i focused on the historical accuracy of the play. At Intermission dad and I went and got a drink and some snacks. I had a drink called Cobra's Kiss. That's right, it was the perfect drink although the snake that killed Cleopatra wasn't really but it was an Egyptian cobra. Apart from those things the rest of our break was enjoying the time off from school.

Having returned to Italy the semester is going by so fast. I have three papers to write and a thesis proposal to present as well as a final heritage presentation to the public. I have gotten good grades on the presentations that the heritage exhibition will be on I am just missing the report and final step of this major project. I've been gathering sources for my thesis and since it is a continuation of my Bodies and Burials paper, I shouldn't have a difficult time collecting them. All that is really left are Finals and Thanksgiving break. Then I go home only to come back for my final semester at AUR.

So who ever cooks out there, you know how people say once you cook something tasty once, it will never happen again? Well I had that happen and its so maddening. I cooked the tastest broth and I can not figure out how to get that taste again. So frustrating. I can remember the ingredients but I never wrote how much i put in of each ingredient... Stupid Stupid. O well at least I can still taste the broth. :(

Ever since the Archeology of Star Wars presentation I have been even more hooked than I already was to the movies and the TV series. I have watched all the movies and most of the tv series. I can't believe the new movie comes out when I get home. I will be going to watch it... O Yess. I will still never see how haley does't get hooked like the rest of us... She hasn't even watched a full movie.... I know its heart breaking... O well she won't get to join me on my trip to the movies when i return. I went online and built my own Lightsaber and how I wish I could buy it. Of course I wouldn't play with it. It would be a collectors item and a way for me to remember my generation. Such a strange generation this current one is. Can we go back to the early 2000's please. The music was better, the movies were better and the people weren't so stuck up.

Anyway if there are things I have not posted about, leave your comments and I will discuss. Thanks

Also read the previous blog post, I don't think I sent you an email about that one.

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