Yard Squatters off to US travel blog

sounded great until we saw the date it started

window dressing ready for next week's exhibition

it doesn't look cold but it's about 1degC

Doesn't Jan look good coping with the cold

how the NYPD close the road to protect against "weirdos"

Tiffanys getting ready for Christmas

part of the parade we saw - Veterans Week

even the pigeons think it's Christmas when the horse gets fed

Sat 11th Nov - - - Veterans Parade

Great news - we’ve made arrangements with Brett and Lindsay for us to do a day visit tomorrow. Up and back by train same day. Will give us an opportunity to catch up with Lindsay’s folk who are down from Upstate New York for a few days. Exciting plan to finish off the holiday.

Today’s Veteran’s Parade will occur from 11:15 through to 3:00 marching from Madison Sq Park on 23rd St right up 5th Avenue to 52nd St and be followed by a festival on sorts on 53rd. We set off at 10:45 along 57th St until we got to 5th Ave and then turned downtown towards 52nd St. Not in any hurry so when we saw the 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church decided to go in to check it out. Entrance is around the corner in 55th St so off we went R around the corner and R into the church. The sanctuary was closed unfortunately to visitors as it was being prepared for a wedding later in the day, but the chapel was open. Now the chapel size was interesting - probably larger than MPC back home. Out of the church and turn R to continue on our way (why would Ron want to turn Right???). So on we continued with Jan making soft, reserved, non-emphatic comments about “going the wrong way”. “Oh look at that, there must two of this Antigue shops in this area”. “Oh yes, and 2 Tiffany buildings, and 2 Trump Towers, and of course - why not - two 5th Avenue Presbyterian Churches.” Jan didn’t labour the point but did remind me that on this trip she has got her bearings quicker than this author.

Eventually we got to the place at the end of the parade and watched several marching units finish and go down side streets to disband and enjoy the rest of the day. The most sensible dress wear prize goes to the Air Force band who wore full length heavy great coats over their uniform and every band member was wearing earmuffs. We wish we had a pair each. Today is bitter - beautiful blue sky, a blazing sun with little warmth, a breeze that would suck the heat out of the marrow in your bones, and a maximum temperature expected of 3degC at 1:00pm.

Interesting passing the Trump Tower. Parts of the street are blocked off with steel barriers and huge concrete blocks that nothing can drive through. Armed Police on all corners of the building and two Police at the main entrance with what looked like automatic assault rifles - and not a smile on any of them. We decided NOT to enter the building.

Headed up to the Times Warner Centre on Columbus Circle (SW cnr of Central Park) to check out the shops including Amazon Books and get a roll for lunch. By this time we are both so frozen that Jan can’t even feel her toes, so we headed back to the hotel at 4:00 and enjoyed a cuppa and quiet rest allowing the heat to sneak back into that marrow.

The rest of the day we spent chillin’ out. Actually I’m warming to the idea. Boom Boom.

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