Yard Squatters off to US travel blog

"mall muggers" for a photo - yep, they got a tip out...

Rockefeller Centre ice rink

queueing overnight for Taylor Swift concert tickets - crazy????

smiling confidently - We hope they got tickets

Jan with the paparazzi

Jan was hoping to see a Christmas window at the shops

inside Macy's - spectacular

the displays were beautiful

how long since you've seen an escalator made of wood - the...

the walk home was bitterly cold

Fri 10th Nov - - - Very Cold, Rockefeller ice rink, Macy’s,

Today we were warned - there was a FREEZE warning on the TV last night. The morning temp at 8:00 is 40degF (3degC but with the chill factor it feels like -4degC). Normal people stay home and stay warm. So!!!!

We headed off to the Midtown area towards the Garment district where Macey’s is. With a detour via the Rockefeller Centre of course. The ice rink was only half the size of the one at Bryants yesterday and no where near as nice in setting. Kept walking and came across a dozen or more young people camped on the footpath in sleeping bags. Chatting to a couple of young girls, we find that they are all camped in a queue to try to obtain tickets to a concert on Saturday in which Taylor Swift is the principal artist. They were hoping to get tickets for either the rehearsal or the concert but had no guarantees. They were interested in our blog when we asked permission to take their photos and post them, so Ron gave them the link. That should give them a few hours of drivel-reading opportunity - poor unsuspecting girls.

On to Macy’s for the New York experience of 9 floors of shopping, just what a pair of 74 year olds should do!!!!! Actually the decorations on the street level were incredible. Hate to think what the budget was for it. After leaving Macy’s it was a bit of let-down to go into K-Mart, which looks just like home. !!!!! Back outside into the ‘freeze’ for a brisk walk back to the hotel. From 34th St up to 57th St and across from 6th Ave to 9th Ave. Not far if you say it fast!! The breeze blowing through the cross street intersections was bitter but we did make it. It just needed a long shower and a cuppa to thaw the icicles and get the blood flowing again.

Needless to say we ate in at the hotel to dodge the cold.

Wonder how those poor girls and the others are faring.

AccuWeather says current temp outside for NY is -3degC (RealFeel is -8degC) - - Record breaking temps expected tonight -6degC in NY - Chicago had snow today, also breaking a Nov record.

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