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ice skating at Bryant Park

the display in the lift

"you can see forever" - their motto for the observation deck

looking down onto one of the memorial pools - Oculus on the...

great experience for us both

the observation deck is just below those vertical patches (machinery floors)

Thu 9th Nov - - - Ice skating, 1WTC 100th floor

Our walk today was intended to take us to Rockefeller Centre, but with a failing memory I had the wrong street and we walked too far south before heading east. We ended up at Bryant Park - but bonus, they too had a large ice rink outdoors. Bought a cuppa and sat down to watch the skaters. Walked to nearest subway and caught train to WTC/ Oculus.

The ride up to the 102nd floor was amazing as the 3 walls of the lift showed a video presentation of what was outside at the different levels. 102 floors in 45secs. The view that far up - observation deck is on the 100th floor - is amazing. We hired an iPad that helped us identify landmarks as we looked out. The sky clouded over in the west beyond New Jersey and Newark and it became quite dark.

Interesting info - - the height of the 1WTC to the flat roof is the same height as the original destroyed North tower. The footprint of 1WTC is exactly the same as the original N and S towers. And the height to the top of the spire is 1776 feet - a tribute to the year of the Declaration of Independence. All this was done by the architect and owners as a tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attack. None of the other towers being constructed/finished will exceed the height of One World Trade Centre.

We went down to the memorial park and watched a few minutes of the end of a AirForce tribute to Veterans being held in the park before a small crowd. This is Veterans week, tomorrow is Veterans Day and a Veterans Parade will occur on Sat.

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