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Children being taken into the mothership


The big hall


Christmas comes early to London

5 guys south Kensington

Quiet day in London. Slept late. Wandered over to the Natural History museum. Didn't mean to spend much time as in it as one gem or earthquake exhibit is like the next. Or is it? The gems are the gems but the earthquake exhibit is pretty cool. They have a Japanese grocery store which you stand in and it shakes like an earthquake, stuff falls off the shelves, you can watch closed circuit tv of the real earthquake in a supermarket just like the on you're in. As you leave small cables pull all the stuff back to the shelves.

I had to find the dinosaurs cuz that's what I'm really here for. The museum has an outstanding collection. They have dozens of ichthyosaurs on the walls almost all from England and Wales. The beginning of dinosaur studies was largely in England. The exhibits are in depth if you want to fall into them. An animatronic Trex is the big attraction while the complete stegosaurus gets little attention. I went through more of the building, evolution, human biology, Arthropods.

After a while I was exhausted and aching. Walking, carrying the luggage yesterday had left me spent. I decided to go to Chinatown where you can get an inexpensive, good massage. As soon as you get down there Chinese women start hollering at you to get a massage. It's Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon business is slow. The massage did the trick back and shoulders felt much better. I couldn't really understand the masseuse who said "relaxation?" Didn't hang around long enough to find out where that was leading. Two steps out the door was Leicester square. It was raining so I went into the Hippodrome casino and gambled for about 15 minutes. 3 pounds richer I left.

I got a sausage roll. Costs more to eat it inside. 5 quid instead of 4. It was aired sausage like something you'd see in cartoon. Mushy, not very good.

Went to the Vue theater and saw Thor. Most of it really. I slept through part of it. British audience don't really laugh at movies. Odd.

Dark and raining when I get out. I walked around Piccadilly Circus. Damp and cold I head to Kensington.

I came back to the room around 8.

On tv is hour after hour of celebration of the centennial of the Russian Revolution. I doubt the Russians are spending this much time on it. While driving I heard Everyday on the radio there were talk shows and documentaries and music from the revolution. The BBC laments the fall of communism. Who is to lead the violent redistribution of wealth that the BBC demands? By the way, Boris Pasternak only wrote one book...and yet he one the Nobel prize.

I haven't mentioned Henry VIII yet so here's a job working for him that many people coveted because of access to the king. The article should be called how to become a dukey

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