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The quincho



The hostel section


Inside the private dome under construction





4 day and one month old colts

Pancho our riding guide

Good thing we wore these









The 70 year old lady who lives in the hills
















I drove back to cerro castillo and went to the horseback riding place and they said they had a group at 4 so I decided to get some lunch and join the group. Well the group was supposed to be two people driving from Balmeceda but they didn't show up. However, a man and woman from Holland showed up and I convinced them to go riding so we set out with our guide Pancho (perfect name). Pancho doesn't speak much English so I translated for the Dutch. One of the border collies from the ranch snuck out and followed us chasing rabbits and going in and out of fences the entire way. The dogs aren't supposed to come on the rides because they will chase the corderos (lambs) of the adjacent ranchers but he behaved. The ride was three hours and we went way up the mountain that is owned by a 70 year old woman living there alone on a little ranch. She has all sorts of animals. To get there we had to ride our horses through the river. The bridge fell down last year and there is no way to get there except by horseback. The river is too rapid for people. So they take her food milk etc until the bridge construction is finished. The views were spectacular and the ride along the ledge a bit scary at times. Great horses.

It's probably apparent now that I'm backtracking. There's only one road that runs north and south in Southern Chile which is Patagonia. That road is route 7, known as the Carretera Austral. I really wish I could have gone further south perhaps all the way down to Ushuia and crossed over into Argentina, because the further south you go the more beautiful it gets. While there are some tourists, and I'm sure many more from December to March in the summer time, it's still probably the best kept secret in the world. Still unspoiled. But I don't have more time as my flight leaves from Santiago on the 12th of November. I'm driving to Puerto Chacabuco where I will catch a 24 hour ferry up to Puerto Montt.

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