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I picked up my clothes and Orfilia in the morning. We headed to Tranquilo where we stopped at the tourist area got gas and then visited her brother and niece and their families. They run about 6 cabanas there. Then we headed up a road towards Lago Tranquilo. Beautiful. We came to a ranch and opened the gate and drove in. Some baby geese started hopping into the car when I opened the door and I couldn't move the car as they were all over the place with their mother honking for them to come to her no doubt. A man was on horseback and there was one Border collie with him and several others chained to some trees in the shade of the woods. Sad face. I asked about this. It's for about a month that only one dog can be loose because the baby lambs were just born and the dogs scare them into a frenzy and they run out to the road. So each dog gets time off by him or herself. This is like this until the lambs are more than a month old. I reminded myself that this is a working ranch with sheep goats horses cows and pigs and the dogs are part of the workers on the ranch more than mascotas (pets). The man on the horse and the woman are the parents of Orfilia's son-in-law. Inside was Orfilia's daughter Jessica with her two month old baby. They were at the ranch house for a few days visiting. The woman took me out to the barn where the chivos (baby goats) were penned. Tons of them. When they saw us they all started baaing and started towards us. Their mothers are let out to graze during the day and then herded back to the barn with the babies at night. This was what the man on the horse was doing - rounding them up with the one dog. What an experience.

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