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My digs for the night








The horseback riding place. Also has a quincho, domes and a hostel




The dead forest on the way to Bahia Murta







The scenery was spectacular. I've never see such rows of huge snow capped mountains with lush green ranching valleys below and winding rivers and glaciers. Not even in the Rockies. I stopped several times and admired the scenery and took some short walks. It was a relatively quick drive. I reached the hostel i had a reservation at and must say it's the biggest disappointment thus far, but hey, I'm in Patagonia and these are far from luxury accommodations. But I had food I needed a fridge for some meat I had purchased and there is no fridge at this "hostel" or kitchen. Not even a hot water kettle. And the wifi doesn't work. For 25,000 clp ($40) I'm really glad I'm only here one night. I am sure I could get a better place but I just decided to stay. I hiked some nearby trails and walked down and to a local ranch where I saw a group of horseback riders returning. I asked the guy about it. They go out for 3 hour rides for 25,000 per person but you need at least 2 people. So I will go over early tomorrow and see if there is a group I can join up with.

I was rudely awakened by a rooster literally right outside my bedroom window. I came to my senses and finally looked out the window and sure enough that fucker was right outside my window with one of the hens from his harem. By the time I reached for my camera he had moved on to the yard in the house next door. The sound of his cock a doodle doing continually decreased as he continued down the street waking everyone up. Geesh. I got up and made a fire in the wood stove took a shower and left. No coffee. No place open in this little village at 9 am. I started getting a headache from the lack of caffeine but the scenery was so beautiful I didn't care. I pulled over several times and I filled a plastic bowl I had with cereal and milk and a banana.

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