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Mirador over Coyhaique









Popular empanada and sopapilla stand next to the Unimarc




Coyhaique is actually a very big city compared to all those in the CA. Some 50,000 people it's the biggest by a landslide on all the CA. They have stores and best of all a real supermarket that has real vegetables! I provisioned up since going further south the towns will be even smaller. What was strange though is there was no traffic on the CA before Coyhaique and since it's the only road this means not many people from Coyhaique leave their little bubble.

Anyways, this is one of the places I booked through Airbnb - a room in a house for 10,000 clp or about $16. I put my stuff in the fridge and set out to meet up with Nicole and Nelson who were also there and to check out the town. I saw them briefly and we planned to meet later. I walked around and browsed, and once again saw Karen and Martin. This time they were sitting in the town square. I got some dinner and met up with N and N at 8 and we went to a nice restaurant that is good beer. I told them the story about PRMB meeting M and M and said I was disappointed because I hadn't heard from them and they lived in Coyhaique. One of Nicole's friends from Santiago was in Coyhaique visiting with three of her girlfriends and they joined us for some beers. I looked up at one point and guess who was in the restaurant? Mena - one of the girls from PRMB!! I said OmG Chica! We hugged and introductions were made and we laughed at the coincidence of it all. She and M thought I was coming to town the following day and M was supposed to contact me then. We caught up and planned to get together on my way back through Coyhaique in a few days. We stayed out until 1 am and they all walked me back to my house.

In the morning I woke up late and headed out for Cerro Castillo after gassing up.

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