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Today was 99% a travel day. We did several legs of 2 hours to 3 hours.

We did make a couple quick stops, first was to Huka Falls, created by a tight cannon. Not the tallest waterfall, but definitely a powerful one, as there was a lot of water shooting down through the narrow canyon. And boy was the water a fun blue color.

We of course made a morning tea stop, quick on and off the bus there.,

Our one big stop of the day was in Napier. A town deviststed by an earthquake in the 1930s and rebuilt in the Art Deco style. We took advantage of a town tour offered on a unique vehicle called a road train. It was a hand made train of sorts. It had two passenger cars with Fine red velvet coushuoned benches. The windows could open and close and we’re made of strong plexiglass. It had curtains in the window. The driver/owner, Will, was very happy to show off his train and tell us about his city. He also let us know he was originally from a farm and that’s why it was easy to choose the “engine”. A tractor with a facade! Very night 45 minute tour. A quick lunch and back on the bus.

We talked a lot about volcanoes as we were driving through one of the largest volcanoes in New Zealand. We’ve finished our day in Marsden, not much here except our hotel. Mom and I used the hot tube and discovered we have one very firm bed and one soft bed in our room...interesting!

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