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Fazenda Santa Tereza







Jabiru Stork nest


Marsh Deer

Bare-faced Curassow female

We've now headed south and into the wetlands of the north Pantanal. The Pantanal is a fascinating combination of numerous fazendas (cattle ranches) with huge herds of cattle interspersed with massive marshy wilderness areas. Animal sightings were fewer than we had expected, but we enjoyed the new and different sightings we were rewarded with - a number of Marsh deer, plenty of caimans, a pair of Red Brocket deer, a couple of agoutis, a coati and a jaguarundi, (which is incredibly rare in the Pantanal). Capybara's (the world's largest rodent), kept the lawn in front of the lodge neatly trimmed and were around every corner by the dozen.

Bird sightings were once again truly spectacular with a large number of new species that are not found in the jungle, to add to our growing list. There was an observation platform at the lodge to watch the massive Jabiru storks on their nest, and around the lodge were always plenty of different birds to watch from the comfort of your hammock.

On Saturday afternoon we went for a long horse ride, which Hanna and Tristan particularly enjoyed.

Today we carry on down the Transpantaneira Highway - a 150km dirt road, and the only real road, running through the middle of the north Pantanal. Our next stop in the Pantanal is in the middle of jaguar territory, so fingers crossed we spot one of those in the next few days.

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