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Kiama station

My Aide de Camp on the train

Here comes da tram

The 11:36 to Dulwich Hill

The Terminus

Right to left, Eric aka Graham, the ever effervescent Ms Limbo, Carol...

Motorman's view

I want one of these to go with my letterbox

The Grand Concourse.

Off to Sydney on the train today. It turned out a long day but it was a good day. I thought the intercity trains had toilets on-board but ours seems to have not had one fitted... Our Opal cards worked flawlessly, mine shows up as a “Free Travel Card” but in any event on Sundays the most you pay is $2.50 anyway so its $2.50 return to Dulwich Hill from anywhere....

The scenery on the South Coast Line is great until you get to Oatley then its just the usual suburban sprawl. Frequent ocean vistas flash by and many tunnels are encountered as the line climbs the escarpment to Waterfall after which it slowly descends all the way to Central.

On arrival at central there as an immediate rush to the conveniences then we sought out the Railway Refreshment Rooms in the Grand Concourse only to discover its all closed due to major refurbishments and food is served via vending machines or a Coffee Cart...

Then out to the Colonnades to take the tram to Dulwich Hill to meet up with Graham and Jeanette for Lunch at Dear Delicious, a trendy Café in Dulwich hill which is now populated by more prosperous and educated types who demand a certain quality of food. We caught the 11:36 tram which got us to “the Hill” at just on 12:15 and only a few minutes walk up from the terminus. Unfortunately the Beer taps were not working today so we had a fresh Pineapple and Apple Juice in lieu. Most of the food was a tad to avant garde for my tastes so I went with a single decker and side of chips.

Without Carol and Graham I'd have not survived this current situation and it was really good to get a day away from it all...

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