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Driving up the 90 mile beach

Cape Reinga

The lighthouse, and where the Tasman see meets the Pacific


Creek and sand dunes

Another early start, and a very full day. Today was a layover day in the Bay of Islands. We chose to sign on for an all day tour up to Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of New Zealand...we’ll almost because of the way New Zealand is angled the true north point is just to the east one Cape. Didn’t matter, we were as far north as we were getting!

The tour bus picked us up at our hotel and then stopped several other times to pick up a full bus load. With a jammed packed agenda we seemed to just keep driving. We made a toilet and tea stop in the morning, we past and had pointed out several harbors(we were on the wrong side of the bus for really good photos). And then our driver Rob said fasten your seat belts it might rock and roll as we enter the beach. We drove our 45 seat tour bus right up and along the 90 mike beach...it was neat. It was a pretty rainy day but miraculously midway up the beach there was a sunny spot, so Rob drove in a circle to verify the sand was hard enough and the parked so we could dip our toes in the water if we wanted. There were several other cars on the beach as well, seemed pretty normal.

After the beach we made our way to Cape Reinga and the light house view. We also learned that you could distinctly tell the Tasman see from the Pacific due to color, and the two crashing together made a white line. I got great horoscope of this...on my digital camera, so don’t have them to upload, sorry. It was very beautiful area, although we did have to practically run down and back up to the light house. Mom didn’t make the trip as our driver said it was strenuous hiking back up...and it was!

After the cape we stopped for a late lunch of fish and chips, delicious. Finally we took a little bush walk through a Kauri tree rainforest. Such big trees!

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