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Foggy inside and out

800 year old Kuari tree


Maori carved meeting house

Bay of Islands

War canoe

So, our day began with a 5:45 wake up call...on the bus at 7:45. As we headed out of Auckland it became quickly clear the defrosters on the bus did not work. So we limped along with the driver, Chris, using a sgueegy inside to wipe his view area off every minute or so until we could get to the bus depot to switch for a new one. Maybe it is my mom and I...we’d already done the same thing with our Sydney car service?!?

Back on the road we headed to a quick spot to be introduced to the Kuari tree, the old growth native tree of New Zealand. The one we stopped at was 800 years old. We then went to a museum dedicated entirely to Kuari trees, it was a fascinating place, rooms with wood paneling all different and label for where that wood came from, so many variants from the same type of tree.

Our lunch spot, which usually is an hour they cut to 30 minutes to try and make up the time we’d lost trading buses...it was a bit crazy, we got food to go and ate it on the bus.

Final stop of the day was the Waitangi Treaty grounds. We had a Maori guide to show us the different features of the area, and load us up with history, the history of basically when Britain came and declared itself in charge of New Zealand by signing a treaty with some of the Moari tribes

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