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Tasmanian devil

Me and the koala

Pirates cove overlook

Pirate ship cove



Tasman Arch, Jen and Erin on far side

View from Devil’s Tower

Short bush walk

When asked what I wanted to see in Tasmania all I could think of was a Tasmanian Devil...soooo Erin did a little research and found a wildlife sanctuary we could visit. Worked out we were there as buses full were coming from a cruise ship in harbor...although it made things crowded at times it did actually mean they had animals out to pet, blue toungued lizard, koala, wombat, of course their 100 forest kangaroos are always about and happy to eat from your hand and get a pat on their chest area. We did successfully see several Tasmanian Devils and came across a keeper talking about them!

After the sanctuary we stopped at a harbor to share a proper fish and chips meal...easiest menu: 1 person 10 dollars, 2 people 15 dollars, 3 people 20 dollars. It even came wrapped in newspaper and we had a brilliant view of the water while we waited and ate.

After lunch we continued on our journey to the Penninsula drive. Surprised to find out it is 2 peninsulas, but most folks just call the whole area together the peninsula. Along the route we saw amazing views of beautiful blue water and rock and cliff features.

We ended our day at Port Arthur historical site, a place where the worst convicts offenders were transported to.

Today we caught a taxi at 5 am to catch our 6:20 flight to Auckland, New Zealand, via Sydney airport. Took us over an hour to get assistance transferring from one terminal to the other, but we made our flight so no worries....and then the inevitable happened, my bag didn’t arrive. But, here it is 9pm in Auckland, and my bag has been delivered! Tomorrow we start our 9 day tour of the north island!

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