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Power Generation Room

The Dam and Me

Bridge and Me

View of Top of Two Power Rooms and Colorado River

Lake Mead - Notice High Water Mark

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Video of Dam Structure

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Video of Lower Area a Dam and Top of Gererator Rooms

October 26 – Tour of Hoover Dam

We reserved tickets for the dam tour on-line. This is the second dam tour of our trip, the first being in North Cascades NP.

The tour was 30 minutes long and took us to the base where the 50’ inlet tubes are located and to one of the generator rooms.

The facility is the property of the Department of the Interior and proceeds from the sale of the power pays for the dam’s upkeep.

The structure is 660’ feet thick at the base or over two football field lengths. The structure was built up of blocks of poured concrete that were interconnected with tabs and then the gaps filled with grout. The heat from the curing concrete was removed with pipes through which cooled water was pumped.

Lake Mead, formed by the dam, was the highest in 1983 when the water level was 7’ from the top of the dam. From the photos, you will notice that the current level is much lower than the light high water mark on the canyon wall.

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