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For Ella from Hanna - The Pied Puffbird

Three awkward flights from Manaus to Alta Floresta totalling 3x the distance we needed to get to find the next jungle oasis. Ubered into Ciuaba for a quick breakfast on the steps of the church before on to Alta Floresta.

Cristalino Jungle Lodge is about 50km outside Alta Floresta. The airport reminds you it is the end of the road before 100's of km of jungle. Cristalino is as about as close as we could come to a "real" jungle experience without spending a week travelling into the jungle by boat. The place was voted top 50 bird watching sites in 2014 and we can see why. Untouched jungle, the confluence of 3 rivers and higher flora diversity combined with two 50m observation towers made for incredible bird viewing. We have attached some photos. Macaws, parrots and parakeets sprinkle the sky like a shotgun loaded with a technicolour paintbrush. Throw in a few capybaras, tapir, monkeys and awesome sighting of a family of giant otters and we will be sad to leave tomorrow (27th).

Kids enjoyed the walks, kayaking and swimming in the river. We are trying out a little Portuguese and have perfected the essentials like dues cerveja por favor. Not much English spoken here as Brazilians believe that foreigners must learn their language when they visit - which is fair enough.

On to the Pantanal tomorrow.....

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