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Alright well week six was awesome. I had so much fun at the dog show and at the Archeology of Star Wars lecture. Its amazing how archeology can be everywhere. It just depends on what you consider heritage and important. The dog show was amazing. I have never been to a professional dog show before and this was so cool. Talk about puppy overload!!!! There were so many different breeds including labs, goldens, mastiffs, small dogs, they even have a great dane puppy. OMG talk about clumsy. It was so cute. Got lots of cute pics. I think the horse show was better but in November Haley and I will be going to the cat show and that should be interesting because its not like the cats run around to get judged. Speaking of horse show I can't wait to watch the Washington DC horse show. I've been watch the FEI Jumping show and its so cool. I still prefer saddleseat tho. Can't wait till I can get back in the saddle. Will need to wait a little longer cause this summer will be more schooling....If i get accepted. By the Way... Did you guys know I graduate in May!!! Super excited but for those who have told me I would miss it they can go ahead and say I TOLD YOU SO. I never thought I would miss college like I will miss AUR. Its been a tough school but for the best. I have made so really cool connections and meet some really nice people.

Anyway about midterm week. So I have taken 6 exams and have passed most of them... still waiting on some grades but so far my lowest grade is a B+. That's right this girl has three A's. Never has this happened. Just hope I can keep it till the end of the year. Hoping to get a 3.0 this semester. My easiest exam was of Barone's written exam because who doesn't writing about dead bodies. My hardest exam is going to be my written report which is due Nov 8th but I have an extension and probably will not need it. As usual I don't complain but the one exam I felt really good about but got an 80 which is a solid B but still I felt like I killed it. I have a presentation on mummies in November when I return as well as a presentation on Leprosy later in November. The hardest thing is going to be my thesis proposal. 250 word outline on what I want to present my final thesis on. 12,000 words. Longest paper EVER written!!!!! Anyway next half of this semester is going to go by super fast. I have three papers due and one i haven't even started because the professor has yet to tell us what its one. All we know is the paper is to be attached to our presentaiton board and that its due on the day we present. This is going to be the fast semester yet.

Next semester should be interesting. I have three main classes and my thesis. Two easy classes and one hard class. I'm not to worried, these are all professors I have had before. I will post pics ASAP.

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