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Ughhh so tired. Woke up at 230, showered, finished packing, checked out, and jumped on the shuttle to the airport. Shannon, Jessica, and I shared the shuttle so we'd get a 50% discount! Went thru security and cleared customs out of NZ. Boarded the plane and almost immediately fell asleep. Woke up a bit thru the flight and realized I missed my breakfast meal! That's ok, I was more tired than hungry, so I went back to sleep. About 30 minutes left out of the 3.5hr flight, I finally woke up. Good thing I did. Got an amazing view of Sydney from above! Took some great pics! Landed, got my bag, figured out how the train system worked and headed into Sydney. Took the train right into downtown because it would have taken afloat 2hrs roundtrip just to drop my bag off and go back to the bridge. So I brought my bag directly to the bridge climb. Luckily, they were gracious enough to hold my bag and because I was early, I expected to sit for almost 2hrs before my scheduled tour. Luckily there was an opening on just under an hour. The lady suggested I grab a bite to eat as trip is almost 3hrs. I grabbed a chicken avocado sandwich from the bridge cafe. Absolutely delicous! About 940am the group met up, we were suited with jump suits and given alcohol blow test. Then we hooked up our safety line and walked just under the road but still on the bridge until we got just underneath the arch. Then we walked real slow up and up and up... to the very top of the bridge! Amazing views! The guide took a few pics for us since we weren't allowed to bring anything. Took our time getting back down as the views are incredible. Got dressed back into our normal clothes and I headed straight for one of the 4 stone pylons on the south side of the bridge. Because I did the bridge climb, I was allowed entrance to the pylon for free. 200 more steps up and more great views! Went to retrieve my bag and made my way to the bus station to go check into the hostel. Bus took about 45 minutes but the beach that's next to our hostel is awesome. Dropped my bag off and took the bus back to the Sydney Opera HouseĀ  and Mrs Macquarie's Chair. Both amazing! Found a small Italian restaurant overlooking the harbor. Took the bus back to the hostel and showered. Still hungry, I went to the oldest brewery in Australia. Got a beer and a pizza and relaxed. On the way back too the bus station, I grabbed some night time pics of the bridge, opera house, and downtown Sydney. Got back to the hostel, chatted with my roommates for a bit, then went to bed.

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