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old car, old clothing, old lady

24 carat painted DeLorean

wicker golf bag

not always black








not a toy





body made of copper sheathing

fire engine


innovative door

When William Harrah graduated from high school during the Great Depression, he wanted to be an automobile engineer. He made it through two years of college before he ran out of funds. He dropped out and started a bingo parlor in Reno. The rest is history. Harrah's is one of the biggest gambling corporations in the world and throughout the years, Harrah was able to indulge his youthful interest by accumulating over 1400 rare, one-of-a-kind, and final production cars.

Although cars don't normally interest me, it's still cold outside and an indoor activity seemed like a good choice. Despite my disinterest , I was impressed by this museum. Except for one car that had completed a drive literally around the world, the cars were immaculate and the signs before each vehicle told stories that were much more than torque and engine displacement. Just in case there were ladies there who were even less interested in cars than I am, display cases interspersed with the cars showed women's clothing and accessories from that era. The cars from the beginning of the 20th century were especially interesting. As they were displayed side by side, you could trace the various experiments that auto makers conducted as they moved their designs farther and farther from the horse drawn carriage where they had begun. Another room had European versions of those early cars, complete with their take on style and engineering. An early electric car was weighed down with over forty batteries. Not a new idea. Many of the cars were used in Hollywood films from the Titanic to John Wayne westerns to James Dean's rebels without a cause.

Of course, there was a room devoted to racing, drag and otherwise. There was even a space section highlighting the work that had been and is being done on cars appropriate for driving on other planets. The Mars prototype had a space suit that became part of the car as you plugged in your breather and slid out of the suit and inside the car.

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