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October 20 – Visit to Ronald Reagan’s Museum and Camping with Russians

We drove west 50 miles this morning after a haircut and floor cleaning to visit and tour the Ronald Reagan Museum and Air Force One exhibit.

The building is huge (243,000 sq. ft.) and the exhibits numerous and exhaustive. It included a large area about the Titanic that President Reagan made a national memorial and a 90,000 sq. ft. building holding the Air Force One Boeing 707 and Marine One chopper. Using private contributions, in 2016 dollars, it cost $141 million not including the Air Force One Pavilion.

The place was packed with tourists and school children. We walked through separately because we took Martha with us.

Learn more about the museum at

If I was still working, I could not be paid enough to live and work out here having now driven on the 6-lane freeways at high speed with cars passing and viewed the arid and dead landscape. It is the other end of the spectrum of the life style and green of Maine that I appreciate.

This will be a unique camping experience this evening as we are camped between two Russian groups. At this KOA this weekend, there is a Russian Music Festival and there will be 300 folks camped here who enjoy Russian music. The music is to start this evening. I may learn to enjoy, or not, the songs of Russia. : )

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