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October 18 – Motor Home Maintenance Day aka Nuts and Bolts Report – Another Ball Story

Two tasks were on the To Do list for the motor home – replace a ceiling puck light LED element and replace the walk-in door pneumatic cylinder pivot ball. As of now, I am 1 for 2 in success in resolving the problems.

The LED replacement stayed lit for about 12.5 seconds before it went black but the walk-in door swings open, slowly and stops as it did before the support ball broke.

More on the ball story of a shade tree mechanic – A pneumatic cylinder is used to hold our walk-in door open. There is a ball joint at each end of the cylinder like a hinge. A ball is attached to the bottom of the door and to the lower door frame and the sockets at the ends of the cylinder fit over the balls.

The ball on the door broke off from its plate support – the ball shaft was swaged to make it fixed to the support but multiple door openings caused the shaft to loosen.

I took the cylinder to NAPA store, not valley, and bought the right sized ball on a threaded shaft. I then went to a local hardware store and bought one self-tapping screw with the same thread size as the one on the new ball.

I then used the self-tapping screw to form a thread in the ball support plate and then threaded the ball into the newly tapped hole after applying a drop of high strength Loctite thread locking fluid – a shade-tree-mechanics favorite fluid, after a dark beer. : )

That is the latest ball story. See photos attached that show the genius of the fix. : )

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