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General Grant Tree Photo from Internet

Sequoia in Kings Canyon NP

Walk-Through Tree in Kings Canyon NP

Fall Foliage

View of Mountains on almost smoke-free day

Marth getting a snack

View of Kings River from bottom of Kings Canyon

View of Kings Canyon Mountains

Another View of Kings Canyon Mountains

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Roaring Falls of Kings River

October 17 – Visit to Kings Canyon NP - Our 41st National Park to Visit

Today, we drove to Kings Canyon National Park, which is north of Sequoia NP and is the 41st national park that we have visited so far.

Two of the 4 visitor’s centers had closed and the ranger programs ceased last week so we drove 30 miles of curves to the bottom of the mile-deep canyon. We also visited General Grant Tree, a little smaller than the General Sherman Tree in Sequoia NP.

Speaking as a veteran, back here in civilization, we learned that our uncivil, p-groping, first draft dodger is quoted as saying “(Sgt. Johnson) knew what he signed up for..” WTH!? So sad and tragic.

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