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Tour started today. Bus was a bit late, but finally arrived and the 8 of us jumped on the bus to fill the empty seats. Everyone else on the bus has been on tour for 13 days. But being the extrovert I am, chatted with everyone. Leigh, our driver, took us thru Arthur's Pass. It's the shortest distance from Christchurch to Fox Glacier. Almost all of the road was winding along the mountain side. Absolutely stunning views of the mountains, valleys, streams, and rivers.  We passed a small rick formation called Castle hill... looks like castle used to be there, but it's only limestone remains. We then made a quick stop for a bite to eat before heading to a very small town called Hokitika. Grabbed a steak sandwich for lunch and walked to the beach with Shannon and Jessica. These girls are from Adelaide. Saw some come design of the towns name made from drift wood, window shopped in town, then got back on the bus to Fox Glacier. Fox Glacier is a quiet little town again, basically there to support tourism for the glacier. We dropped our bags and got right back on the bus. Leigh is taking us down the road to Reflections Lake. If the wind is calm, you can get a perfect reflection of New Zealand's 2 highest mountain peaks in the water. Unfortunately there was a breeze. Still a beautiful sight. By the time we got back to the hotel, it was dinner time. Lamb shank! It just fell off the bone. Enjoyed a few beers after and then we walked right down the road to a small park walkway. It was so so dark. So I'm order to let our eyes adjust to the dark, we formed a conga line, hands on the shoulders in front of you, with Vicky leading the way. Walked about 10-15 minutes this way. My eyes were mostly closed during this time to help adjust to dark. After the time passed, we could see glow worms everywhere!! Vicky told us the glow cones from the works excrement, to attract bugs to their sticky 'fishing line'... kinda like a spiders web. We were all exhausted, so after the worms, walked back to hotel and slept.

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