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Timboon distillery


An excellent choice

Our Site @ Peterborough

Bay of Martyrs

The Arch

Whats left of the Apostles

Limestone pillars enjoying the surf...

Coast at Peterborough

We are in Peterborough after discovering there is no phone reception at Port Campbell or any TV.

The Van park at Peterborough is quite good and there is phone coverage and they offer free cable TV.

No update yesterday because the HP laptop would not boot up so that has to go and be repaired when we get home and I have to use the Asus T100 which has a small screen and needs glasses to see it. Doesn’t even have word on it but uses Open Office which seems to be as good as word anyway....

So yesterday after getting here we headed off to Timboon in search of lunch and found the Distillery where we had lunch, I was going to buy some of their grog but reneged when I saw the price; $85 for a 200ml bottle. Dessert was at the Icecream factory where they have some strange varieties but it all tastes delicious, I had a scoop of rum & Raisin and a scoop of Passionfruit meringue... Then on the way back we stopped at the local Cheesery where they make soft cheeses so we bought at tub of herb quark and some semi hard cheese.

Today we went off exploring the local sights and are all limestone formationed out and our muscles are tender from the hiking... Lunch was at Port Cambell which seems to be full of eateries yet no phone coverage. Lots of foreigners here who prefer to drive on the right side of the road or park in the middle of the road.... But I guess they keep the local economy afloat.

Enjoy the pictures, we move on tomorrow not sure where we will stop yet.

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