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What is the High Line?

flowers and butterfly - great combination


no doubt what used to be up here

clever artist - painting on side of building opposite where the High...

walking through the Chelsea Markets

the Museum of Natural History as we exited the subway

peanuts are the way to a Squirrel's heart

bubble blowing in Central Park

that bubble is about a metre long

Fri 13th Oct - - - NY (High Line)

Just 2 days in NY so today after breakfast in the hotel Gotham Cafe we want to walk the High Line. This popular landmark is approx half way from our hotel to the bottom at about 23rd St.

The NY streets running East-West are numbered from the bottom (south) of Manhattan (WallSt area) up to the top (Bronx area) way above Central Park. The avenues running North-South are numbered from 1 near the East part of Hudson to 12th near the main part of Hudson River. This makes for easy navigation. Our hotel was on 57th street (near the bottom end of Central Park) between 9th and 10th Avenues.

The High Line is a preserved elevated portion of freight line which handled the carriage of freight to and from the port area in the Hudson River on W side of Manhattan. This 2km section of line has been turned into a beautiful landscaped walkway along the rail line high above the hustle and bustle of traffic. There are several access point stairs and lifts. The planting is constantly tendered and changed to suit the seasons.

We finished off the day by taking the subway up to the middle of Central Park and then meandering down through the park. This huge park in the centre of Manhattan is about 5km long by about 1 km wide liberated crisscrossed with paths and roads (but not for public cars). One treat was chatting to a man who feeds the squirrels daily with peanuts (still in the shell). Some squirrels even know him well enough to take the peanut from his hand. The park is incredibly well used by runners, cyclists, walkers, tourists, families, wedding parties (we saw two) and the area also contains a zoo in one corner. It is about 4km long NS and about 1km wide EW - with interesting info that if it was cut up into building blocks and sold, it would be worth about $US 35 Billion. That would give some nice commission for a Real Estate Agent!!! Land in NY is about $US1000 per sq ft (wow - 300mm by 300mm). Now we know why the hotel is not cheap.

Home to pack and bed so we don’t have any delays getting a train to Connecticut in the morning.

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