Peru - October 2017 travel blog

We made it up to the airport in San Francisco (SFO) and through security with plenty of time to spare. Despite press reports of many delays due to the smoke from the wine country fires, we left right on time, and arrived at DFW with about 3 hours to kill before our flight to Lima.

We looked for a Texas BBQ place that had been recommended by someone on the plane, but when we couldn't find it had dinner at TGI Friday's instead. BBQ ribs and a beer for Doug and a french dip sandwich for me. We didn't think about whether or not we'd be served dinner on the plane until after we ordered. As it turns out we were offered "chicken or pasta" later on the plane which we turned down.

Our overnight flight to Lima boarded on time, but we were sort of disappointed that it was an older plane with no in-seat entertainment screens, cramped and uncomfortable seats, and it was FULL. We had the window and middle seats so couldn't get out easily. To top it off there was a very unhappy baby on board who kept us awake most of the night! Oh well, we had to look at the bright side that we were finally on our way to Peru!

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