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-up after 0600 and just chilled until 0830 brekkie with the girls

-up to reception to arrange for a taxi for Chris, the Virgin Yanks and moi [thanks to stupid Explore]

-back for final packing and up to reception for 1050 pick up, delayed but eventually there [African time]

-would have to check if ever thru Livingstone Airport, a rather non-descript place; managed to get my big bag checked thru to Dulles

-decent little lunch from SAA, the three of us sitting together

-had 3+ hours to kill, the girls doing some shopping and a few non-alcoholic drinks to pass the time before farewells

-the security for a flight to the USA had been ramped up markedly; at the gate there was a full body pat down, the computer got swabbed, another boarding card check and a number had to be handed in before getting on the plane itself

-no rum so a G+T, not having a red wine until the second flight

-the music selection was awful so lots of sudokus and chess to while away the sleepless hours

-plane landed in Accra, Ghana, not Dakar, Senegal

-more security: all bags had to be removed from the overhead bin re continuing passengers, there was a passport and boarding card check and the empty seats were all given a thorough examination re headrest, tray table and bottom velcro exposed

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