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Hey sorry for the late up-date.

Last week was crazy. I had so much to do from working on papers to making room for an onsite visit that would last three hours plus working on my resume and Statement of Purpose for graduate school. Anyway Monday went so fast and we started our new class which focuses on qualitative data verses quantitative data. I prefer quantitative data because qualitative requires too much writing and interviewing. I'd rather deal with numbers over interviewing. Tuesday went like it always did except I had a midterm in the second class (Heritage) and I got a 87% due to missed a question and had a couple points taken off my essay portion. O well I know I will do well on the presentation which is a two parter. Part 1 requires us to choose an archeological site in the Esquiline hill area, which is what our on site was suppose to focus on but instead we wasted three hours listening to someone gives us their opinion on the cultured area of the Esquiline. It was so embarrassing: she was a tour guide and we went to 2 places and were chased out because she didn't handle the culture portion correctly. Example: Who in their right mind would think it ethical to go in front of a Buddhist temple and speak into the speaker facing the temple???? Talk about RUDE. The next one was we had stopped at an Afghanistan/Pakistan store and the owner told us to go away. These people aren't interested in teaching us about their culture.... I will say the market we visited was cool tho. So many different ethical things. I'm talking hundreds of spices, veggies, silks, etc. I will definitely be going back.

Anyway to continue on Wednesday was interesting we received our first reading assignment for capstone and then we would need to give a 2 minute presentation on what we read. Damn reading Comprehension my third weakness. Thursday was as usual my favorite class. On site with Barone is never boring. The person was 30 minutes late and I have never seen Barone so mad... We were visiting St. Agnese church and catacombs. It was super cool except our tour guide was a Bitch. She literally told us to shut up but then she realized we knew what she was talking about so she was less of a Bitch. There was a Wedding and a Funeral on a Thursday at 9 am which didn't help with Barone's anger. He literally said and I quote "I would like to meet the guy who decided to have a wedding on a Thursday at 9 in the morning". Friday and Sunday just required relaxing and working on some homework whereas Saturday was a waste of time (the onsite class).

I do have pictures and stuff to post so take a look.

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