2017 Coastal and Murray River Trek travel blog

Mural at Forbes. Hard to capture with all the reflections

The Dish at Parkes

Workers on the Dish


At Tooraweenah

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Our journey today has taken us through parts of Forbes (past Sam Street) to check out the birth place of one Neville Forbes!! Stopped to look at the mural at Spotlight, amazing. Would never guess what it is made of until you get up close. Next stop was the Parkes Observatory and really enjoyed our time browsing there, with the bonus of a lovely cafe.

Continued on the Newell Highway past Peak Hill to Dubbo. A short fuel stop and then made our first stop of the trip at the Golden Arches. Must admit it was really for the toilet break!!

Continued on to Tooraweenah through Gilgandra. We were in this area in July 2015 with Dot & Gary en route to WA, & decided to check the diary notes, very handy!! Had made a note to ourselves back then to take a photo of the Warrumbungles from the lookout in the afternoon if we ever came back this way, so that was our next stop, and thankful for checking the old diary of 2015.

Geoff & Sarah (Queenslanders) still own the park, and we settled in quickly with a cuppa and the usual warm scones, jam & cream delivered by Sarah to everyone on their arrival.

The park is still up for sale & hopefully they will be able to find a buyer soon. They have been here for about five and a half years.

Joined in the group here for "happy hour" which lasted about 45 minutes. Cheap night at the "local", so a few were heading off for dinner.

Interesting to hear of the small local community struggles. Always a battle for services and repairs (water, phone, Internet etc), against the bigger towns in the area.

Tooraweenah really is a small tight knit community where everyone knows everyone else, and they all help each other. Pity they don't get more support from all levels of government and the major utility and services providers!!

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