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Well there's certainly lots of variety in this group.

One of the more clueless is JJ. On the first day that we met her, after introducing ourselves and talking about where we were all living, JJ, out of the blue, asked elise how far Minneapolis was from NY...not that anyone had said anything about NY.

On the 2nd day of a BEST OF MOROCCO tour that one could reasonably assume she knowingly signed up for, she had an epiphany and turned to elise, at the end of a walking tour, and said "Did you know that we're actually in Northern Africa?". elise looked at her, dumbfounded, unsure of what to say, but when JJ followed that up with "How far is Southern Africa from here?", elise just had to laugh.

Then we have Mr & Mrs CA (as in California). He's not sooo bad but just pretty self-impressed. She is a blond, 50ish space cadet. Her worst transgression so far is when we were at the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. She ran up to one of the guards and struck a pose with thumbs up. He backed off and shook his finger at her and wouldn't let them take the picture. As she was whining about it later, someone mentioned to her that in Morocco, the thumbs up is like giving someone the middle finger. "Oh MY GOD" she shrieked, "I didn't know that! I can't believe I did that!". Then she spent the next several minutes relating the story to anyone who would listen to her. Sigh.

Next up, another couple from NY, probably in mid-60's. He's Mr. Big Man Around Town (not sure that he realizes we all paid the same ECONOMY precise for this tour)...but I'm sure he's some hotshot something in NY, at least in his mind. His wife isn't a terrible sort but is very into the fact that he's Mr. BMAT. Whatever, people , we have no idea who you are. They are tied with another couple for the "let's run ahead and hog the best view and take up time by taking multiple poses in front of whatever we're looking at so no one else can get a clear shot" award. Every freaking time, she's posturing and posing and if it's a person, she's hugging them and even kissing them on the cheek and he's blocking the view with his big body taking picture after picture. ARGH.

The other couple are Mr & Mrs SL (Sri Lankan) living in Saskatchewan. Nice people but total camera hogs. He has some fancy-schmancy SLR with a big lens that he takes FOREVER to get set to take the picture while she's posing away.

We also have the Ms. Philippines, 2 sisters from Manila, in their mid-40's. They think the world revolves around them and why would anyone else want to see the sites? Frequently, when they're asked to step aside so someone else can take a picture (without them in it), they get the "huh?What? Are there other people here too?" look on their faces.

There are 9 singles on our tour, which is a really large number. Most of them are fine but there is 1 older man, Canadian, who seems a bit lost and confused. We actually lost him on the tour thru the Fes medina (story to follow) when he was a trapped by a salesman in a leather shop. He didn't want a jacket but the clerk was giving him the hard sell and he didn't know how to get out of it...I guess saying NO and leaving didn't occur to him. When our guide realized he wasn't with us, he had to find another guide to go back and get him and they ended up bringing him back to the hotel separately since he was so far back in the maze of shops we couldn't wait for him.

There are, of course, some very sane, nice people too! But they're not as much fun to talk about...lol. More on other travel companions in other updates.

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