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9/10/2017. Monday. Los Angeles

This is our last day in LA - it's Columbus Day, a public holiday in some states, but not in California. We have a late check-out on our room, so Anne and Ian are bringing their luggage here and then we'll go out to a Westfields Shopping Centre - you never know, we might find something to buy. Ian Fair wants to go to Bunnings! Fat chance!

Well, we've been and done our shopping - can't take any US$ home - that's not a proper holiday!! There were sales at nearly all the shops we entered, and bargains were there for the taking. Only problem is, when you come to pay, it's more than you calculated - tax has to be added. I certainly won't miss that! It was a lovely Westfields at Culver City with lots of eateries, Macy's, Target, Penny's, H&M, Auntie Anne's, Spencer's, and about 80 small shops. Happily, we still have money left - but then, there will be shops at the airport........hehehe! The two Ians were very patient and Anne and I are thankful for that.

We're back at the hotel, all having showers to freshen up for our long trip home. We're watching TV and the terrible bushfires in the hills around Anaheim, Tustin and Orange, where numerous houses have been destroyed, and they weren't small houses, they were mansions. There may be more but I just heard that number mentioned. We heard on the news this morning that there were going to be very strong winds today and there was a threat of bushfires, and when we came out of Westfields about 2.30pm, we knew that there were fires, as the smoke was thick and hanging low. We're just hoping it doesn't delay our flight tonight, which is due to leave at 11.20pm.

Santiago hills plus a few more, have been added to the fire list. It looks like it's a bad one. Poor people.

We've had a wonderful holiday with good friends, but now it's time to come home to our families and friends.

Ian Bulloch's thumb has healed, and you wouldn't know that he had had an accident.

Ian Fair has kept smiling even though it must have been difficult for him without his hearing aid. A real champ!

Anne and myself are still happy little Vegemites caring for our men, and making sure their every wish is our command..........

So - does anyone know what a crocheted cow is?

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