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Big Sur Campground Campsite in Redwoods

October 7 – Travel to Big Sur, California

Our Saturday travel south 4 hours around San Francisco was on good highways littered with all kinds of debris. I suppose that the highway medians are not mowed so trash is not an issue but it sure looks like no one cares. The ‘No Litter’ signs with a $1,000 penalty seems to have no effect.

Again, the view for most of the arid distance was of dead grass on the hillsides and tan dust. It seems that all of area south of Willits, the Anderson Valley and all around San Francisco is a tinderbox. We can understand how once a fire starts, there is nothing but combustible material in all directions.

It is my opinion, having driven for many miles in Washington, Oregon and California that folks here like to tailgate and no one drives the speed limit. We pull over often to let folks pass so they do not endanger our lives in their hast to get somewhere. There is a law in California that the lead car cannot have more than 5 cars trailing and must pull over. There are many pull offs on the sides of the 2-lane roads.

Big Sur is south of Monterey and Route 1 was full of cars along the sides of the road. Folks were stopping to enjoy the views of the beaches and waves of the Pacific Coast on a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

Our campsite is in a stand of Redwood Trees and along a small stream at the base of a hopefully stable large hillside.

Even had I not been a trained tour guide, had I been responsible for leading a bus load of tourists to the Big Sur, I would have been thrown under the bus for ineptness due to my lack of verification of access to points of interest.

I did call the campground to ensure that we could get to the campground via Rt. 1 from the north and that the landslide at Gorda, 45 miles south would not be a problem. But, I did not confirm that the parks and beaches just south of the campground were accessible.

For some unknown reason, Rt. 1 is blocked 40 miles north of the landslide so the sites that I had planned on visiting were not easily accessible. To view the waterfalls onto a beach, we could walk 8 miles south along the road, not.

Trip Total Mileage: 6,118

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