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8/10/2017. Sunday. Los Angeles

Ian had a good sleep in this morning, and just had time for a quick shower and then down for breakfast. We caught a taxi to link up with the hop on-hop off bus and were in the city area of LA - whatever that means. It's such a big place - where is the city centre? We went to the Farmers Market and The Grove, which is supposedly famous in LA, and then we joined the bus for a few stops and walked along the Avenue of Stars, and in my naivety, I thought it was just one street, but it's both sides of Hollywood Boulevard for a looong way, plus some side streets. Of course, there are so many movies stars now and in the past, that they couldn't be confined to a small area. But as we walked, Anne and I popped into some Souveneir shops and made a few purchases. Thank goodness for two patient Ians! We saw a police car with scratches, dents and paint off - I've never seen one like that in Brisbane. Lunch in a small cafe/pizza place, and then back on the bus for a while. We went along Melrose Street, Hollywood Blvd., the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Blvd., Beverley Blvd. and Wiltshire Blvd., all streets of some note. We passed Melrose Avenue shopping area, good for the groovy young; Pink's Hot Dogs where the stars pop in for a hot dog, and a fake kidnap of Brad Pitt happened whenever; Hollywood and Vine and Pantages Theatre, where the ceiling had been renovated in 2010 - it was beautiful; Dolby Theatre; Guitar Centre RockWalk; Laugh Factory; The Comedy Store; London Hotel; The Hilton Four Seasons Hotel where stars rent rooms in the top floor for their press conferences and the Beverly Centre - all these are famous places, but some didn't mean much to us - we need to read more magazines!!!! We were in Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Los Angeles in such a huge, enormous city.

We caught a taxi back to the Embassy, and went for Happy Hour, then said goodnight and skipped dinner - we've eaten so much over the last weeks, and we each had snacks, so that's what we had.

We had what I thought was the rudest taxi driver, and the rudest person we've come across on our trip. We weren't too far into the trip, and we were talking about the fact that it was quite hazy, so nothing offensive, so it couldn't have been that, but he put a cd on and turned it up full blast. Nearly burst the eardrums! Eventually, Anne asked if he'd turn it down, which he did, but ever so slightly. Our taxi driver on the way home was good, and offered some comments along the way. We travelled at a fast rate of knots on Freeway 405, which was 6 lanes each way and they were all full - so many cars, so much lane changing, such speed - and it all worked! And we arrived home safely!

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