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Well we got off to a slow start this morning. Denise slept until 10:00 a.m. trying to get better but to no avail. We missed breakfast and spun our wheels for awhile trying to figure out what to do. Wanted to go to the Kremlin Armory but no tickets were available. We decided to take the metro to Red Square as the weather was better today. The problem with the metro is that most of the signage is in Russian with its different alphabet. But to the adventurous there is enough English hidden here and there and some of the train announcements give the English pronunciation of the stations so off we went. A ticket is 55 rubles, slightly less than a dollar,and you can ride all day, just don't exit the metro or you have to buy another ticket. We got off at Red Square and walked through what looked like a pumpkin festival. They also had a large water tank where a young lad was pulled by a rope on a surf board. Didn't really make a lot of sense. We walked over to St. Basil's cathedral which is quite ornate and beautiful. We then stopped for water and coffee at a restaurant at the GUM department store. GUM is multi-story and full of high end vendors such a Gucci, Cartier, etc. It makes Neiman-Marcus look like K-Mart. It is amazing how many people, including what looked like locals, have the money to shop here. Maybe it is just a place to be seen. We decided to risk it and went into the main building and looked around and finally decided to buy something so we each had pistachio ice cream cones. Denise started feeling poorly again so we got back on the metro and back to the ship.

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