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Woken up at 5am but not really firing on any cylinders and somewhat slow. The other girls were awake as well so that they could head out for their Brooklyn Bridge walk.

Seems traffic is not going to be heavy to JFK so we have time up our sleeves and no need to rush at all.

Finally all packed up and head downstairs to immediately hail a cab and a half hour ride to the airport. Checked in with Cathay without any problems, went through Immigration (certainly able to move faster to leave the country than to enter it) and made our way to the gate lounge. Eloise wandered over to the gate lounge while I headed off to the Business Lounge. Surprise, despite the Cathay check in staff saying no was Jose, I was able to get Eloise into the lounge as well. Wandered along to the gate lounge and retrieved her.

Were able to sit and leisurely eat a light breakfast and do some internetting before making our way onto the flight. Having had breakfast, we can now both probably grab some sleep straight away if our bodies let us.

Were lucky with our flight this time when we finally took off as it only took us 14.5 hours by flying over Canada, Greenland, Russia and China to Hong Kong. Uneventful flight with only a couple of hours sleep as our bodies had just acclimatised to NYC time.

Arrived in Hong Kong around 1pm and had 5 hours of layover before we could make the last leg of our flight home. I had entry to the lounge but they would not take Eloise this time so she wandered along the hall and found herself a pay lounge which gave her access to hot and cold food, drinks and showers so she was OK.

Kicked myself when I sat down in the lounge as I had not taken the proper cord in my carry on to transfer photos to my computer and upload them to trip journal.

Before we knew it and feeling much fresher after a shower, we were up in the air again and making the much quicker 8.5 hour flight home to Melbourne.

A bit of a shock to the system when we arrived to find it a chilly 5 degrees celsius after some warm days in NYC and warm hours in HK.

Arrived back just before 7am, cleared through Immigration and Customs in no time at all, picked up by Jetport, collected Eloise's car and back home in Rowville before 9am. Must say quickest I have ever got out of an international flight.

Thanks for tagging along on this short and sweet trip to one of my favourite cities in the world.

Hope to catch you all again soon on my next adventures - don't know when or where at this stage but anything is possible!!!

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