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See the Capitol Building, peaking out from the other buildings? Took a...

The Pentagon. We drove around two sides of it

The US Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virgingia

Mike getting dinner ready at Picture Lake Campground, in Petersburg, south of...

Sunset at Picture Lake. On the right hand side is Virginia Motorsport....

Today was another tough driving day, went from Delaware, through Maryland and DC and into Virginia. We drove for 6 1/2 hours to do what should have taken us 4 1/2 hours because traffic was really bad. Now, we have to remember this is a Friday of a long weekend both in Canada and the USA (Columbus Day on Monday), and with all the traffic, the winding roads on I-95 were not fun. As we drove by Washington, in stop and go traffic, we passed the Goddard Space Centre (part of NASA), caught a glimpse of the Capital Building, drove by the Pentagon, Quantico and then in the middle of the 3 lane highway was a broken down tractor trailer going up a hill, of course, wait there was the exit for West point. Did we mention that it was slow going today? And thought the GPS kept telling us there was construction... there was nothing but lots of traffic.

Since it was a long weekend and the weather was too good to be true (AKA hot!), around 3pm we decided we better figure out where we wanted to stop, to make sure we got a spot, just south of Richmond, Virgina. Michelle was on the phone for a while before finding Picture Lake Campground. We pulled in, got plugged in to get the AC running, Mike set up outside, washed the front windows (it's important that the photographer has clean windows in the morning), Michelle set up the inside, and then... we discovered (What could go wrong?!) we were parked next to... Virginia Motorsports Park featuring a drag strip with grandstands plus expansive dirt park with motocross, mud bog, truck & tractor pulls. We will have to see how the sounds of a Friday night of a long weekend work out, but then both of us are pretty tired from the grueling travel we did today. Still, it's neat to hear top fuel dragsters off in the distance as you BBQ.

The good news is that after we got set up, Mike had time to get a batch of roast beef into our dehydrator (we had prepared earlier in the morning) so we will eventually have some beef jerky again.

Just to tell the rest of the story here, we were on the road a total of maybe 30 minutes this morning and Mike needed to stop for a pee. Hmmm. There must be some motherly advise that someone could give him? Michelle couldn't believe it, now she's going to have to ask him everytime before we drive off "did you pee?"

We're getting into hotter weather, engine AC is working hard to keep up when we're stuck in traffic like today and the bus ACs (back and front) are working when we're parked. It was 30C when we stopped, down to 22C now, at 9pm! We are keeping up the pace, to avoid the rain Nate will be bringing to the area.

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