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Finally risen from the dead. Have been unable to get out of bed for more than 1-3 hours the last three days. Mike has been sick too, but has been functioning better. The entire ship has been sick and it sounds more like a Typhoid cruise than a pleasure cruise. The doctor on board is a big fan of homeopathics which did nothing for my fever which finally broke today, enabling me to go on a 5 hour tour of Moscow (in the pouring rain). Tried to join the tours the last three days, but ending up sleeping on the back of the bus or returning to the ship. Really sick!

The traffic in Moscow is insane which is surprising since they have such a good metro system, although their gas prices are relatively low - $3/gallon. 12 million people in Moscow so there is a lot to absorb. Toured and rode some of the metro. The earliest station was built in 1937. Each station has a different theme and design. One had bronze statues lining the entrances to the cars, another had onyx and other semiprecious stones, and the one under the Bolshoi had dancers and performers made out of porcelain with gold accents. Very beautiful. The escalators seem to go forever and our guide told us that the "deepest" station is 90 meters. Apparently the Volga is very deep and the metro needs to go further underground to get below it. Traveled to Red Square which is really something. Early on the Russians used the word red for beautiful so Red Square refers to the beautiful to the ship.ernative bus back square. Saw the outside of the Kremlin, but will do an inside tour in the next day or so. Saw Lenin's tomb, Stalin's grave and of course St. Basil's Cathedral built in the 15th century. Drove up to an overlook for panoramic views of the city, but the weather was so cruddy, the visibility was pretty bad. We then headed for a concert of Russian music. Denise decided she was done and took the alternative bus back to the ship. Mike went to the concert and it was good with the emphasis on Russian musical instruments. Back to the ship for a late night dinner with Denise then a nightcap and to bed.

Will try to fill in the blanks on the last couple of days and upload pics later. Internet has been horrible!

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