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Female kudu

One of seven lions in a gruup

Red lechwe

Leopard, the 4th of the Big Five seen [no rhino in the...

-needed 0540 alarm and scurried about but ready for 0600 brekkie, esp java

-pancake, French toast, fruit salad and OJ for brekkie

-left c 0640 after everyone done ablutions

*what follows is a chronological list of highlights and pix of the day

giraffe...sable antelope...kudu...along the river again...waterbuck...Mary asked if they canoe or kayak down the river [one full of hippos and crocs, very narrow and likely shallow]...two radio calls re lions...offroading not really allowed in Moremi but it is done...7 lions, including cubs, one lioness with blood on her chest, flopping down in the heat always drawing chuckles: a golden moment...waterbuck...most of the conversations amongst drivers probably not animal related...the splendid colours of the LBR...tsessebe antelope...dove...today's dust will have to be washed off by water with an evident saline edge...puncture after 1000 taking 20 minutes...warthogs and then Peta mistaking same for wild dogs: were they wild hogs or wart dogs?...rather green near the Khwai River...a flying African fish eagle...darter [bird to the non-twitchers]...pied kingfisher...reedbuck and red lechwe...grazing ellies...no lions by the airport strip...over bridges twice...thru the Khwai village before lunch c 1210 just outside the Moremi Game Reserve Khwai gate there...carping re lack of water in the truck...other groups also there, including some high end companies like & Beyond...no tea/coffee break with Explore...brown snake eagle...saddle-billed stork...ibis...carmine bee eater spotted but nobody got pix..quiet time...it is hot...more reedbuck...leopard! rather uncaring about our presence...2x Mary stuck her head in the way of LBR shots...ellie alley...yellow-billed stork...back c 1615, a 9.5 hour drive, grabbing a G+T...chatted with Ollie about pending complaints re the water

-back for a shower, downloading pix and charging the camera battery; will scurry to the bar for sunset...life is good

-up for sunset but wound up chatting with Ollie [re his safari company and pricing] and missed it; grabbed a G+T, chatting with some South Africans who has sold a winery in Stellenbosch, Madame appalled the prospect of drinking white wine in a liquor glass

-chatted with Tom about travel and then Viv re some of her adventures, the dork David noted re scary roomies

-further info from Ollie that took too long with dumb Mary questions and chatting amongst themselves; back to Maun for lunch, stopping in a supermarket for water; Ollie made me the butt of a joke [evidently getting along with him]; Ollie said a past kitty system had failed for lodge tips so said do your own thing and be quiet what you left

-the pansy crowd [all the others save Peta and Chris] headed back while we enjoyed a nightcap, cracking into cold Amarula; chatted with Ollie on his return

-back to the room, realized my book, glasses and camera are on the dinning room table; Ollie said they will be safe; good enough for me

-bed by 2230

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