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Started our trek to magnetic island today with a stop in Caldwell. Small little town known for its crab. Grabbed a yellow red bull... first colored/flavored can I've see since I've gotten to Australia.


Took the ferry over to the island, took about 20 minutes. Such a nice island. Only 2 roads on it. We quickly checked into our rooms and went down to eat before going on another hike! This one wasn't bad at all... saw a few koalas along the way. One even had a baby. Walked up to the top of the fort here. The fort was built back at the start of world war 2 in case Japan tried to invade. It sits upon a mountain top overlooking Horseshoe bay. Stunning! Even saw Portia ride by in the sailboat!  Afterwards we caught the bus back to the hotel and bought some wallaby food. Walked across street from hotel to the rocky area and hand fed the rock wallabys!  It was amazing! They were a little skittish, but if you were patient, they'd come to you! On the walk back to the hotel from the wallabys, a few of us wanted to jump in the bay, since there was a shark net. We dropped our stuff on the beach, undressed a bit to our swim suits, and jumped in. The first 20 yards were pretty rocky. Then sandy, so we hung out there laughing and talking... until someone says I just saw a fin. Hesitant because if the shark net, I stood up and gazed across the water for anything. Sure enough, a shark fin appeared!! We all hauled ass to the shore. After talking to a local resident that passed, did we learn the shark net was on another bay and this bay was open to any marine life. We dryed off, showered for dinner, and went to bed.

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