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Some pretty trees in Connecticut

The New York skyline from the New Jersey side of Long Island...

Mike in front of the house he lived in for a year,...

Our site in Lums Pond State Park, nice and open

Dear Diary, today was a tough one.

Today we got up and going a bit after 9am... but then we wanted a map from the Visitor's Center. What could go wrong, oh yes, they didn't have maps, and to get to the center from the RV park we were at, Michelle had to walk through back parking lots, since you're only supposed to get to it from the Highway and we were on a back road behind it. BUT, we did get a map, sort of (in a camping guide), and we were rolling. We were following I-95 but we came across the Thames River and New London, lots of construction and at one point we were stopped long enough for Mike to put the bus in park, get up and go pee, while Michelle jumped into the drivers seat and good thing, we were rolling again before Mike came back.

Our route took us over the Washington Bridge in New York City... we could see the Empire State Building, we drove into New Jersey and the whole few miles took us well over an hour due to the heavy traffic and the signs said two accidents but we never saw them. Mike would suggest that anyone pondering the thought of taking a large vehicle not do it. The lanes were narrow and winding, on and off ramps everywhere from nowhere, tractor trailers left right front and back and as Mike would call them, idiot drivers sprinkled in between just for fun. The first three hours of driving was a bit intense but once we cleared through New Jersey we were only dealing with heavy traffic, so it was much better. It was a good thing we filled up gas the night before, as we traveled into the big city, gas prices went from $2.50 up to $2.99 a gallon. We had to settle for $2.69 since we didn't know what it was going to be when we crossed state lines again.

We started the day in Connecticut, drove through New York, New Jersey and ended up in Delaware. Now as we drove through Wilmington, it turns out, Mike used to live here for a year back when he was four years old. So we took a little detour, and within minutes we were parked in front of his old house. The lady who lives there now was standing out front, so Mike was able to share a bit of what he remembered with her and it would appear not much has changed. We got a few pic's and we were off looking for a campsite for the night.

We are definitely going in the right direction, it is getting warmer, to the point that the air was on in the bus all day!

We parked in Lums Pond State Park, a park with spread out sites, grass and trees and hiking trails. After this long day of driving we needed a little bit of a walk so we checked out what the pond was like, and then barbequed dinner and settled down to relax for the evening. Tomorrow will be another day of driving!

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