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Our location in London

Breakfast for two

Jacques belated breafast

Champagne apologies

Champagne apologies

Champagne apologies

Harrods for bear

Jacques and Marina — WOW!

Champagne to start off wine pairings dinner

Marina ready for wine pairings dinner

Jacques ready for wine pairings dinner

Beautiful RITZ dining room

1. Wine pairings dinner

2. Wine pairings dinner

3. Wine pairings dinner

4. Wine pairings dinner

5. Wine pairings dinner

6. Wine pairings dinner

7. Wine pairings dinner

8. Wine pairings dinner

9. Wine pairings dinner

Our collection of wine glasses

1. Crepe suisette

2. Crepe suisette

3. Crepe suisette

4. Crepe suisette, the finished product








Good morning, and welcome to our third, and last day in London. With all the fiasco of yesterday’s breakfast in the dining room, we thought we would try room service. At least we could all be together, and eat at the same time.

A little before 9:00a.m., I got on the phone with room service and carefully spelled out what easy of us would love to eat.


“Yes, good morning room service. This is Robin Knepper, in room #413, I would like to order breakfast for three persons.” I said ever so politely.

“Of course, madam. What would you like?” The man on the other end of the phone replied.

I began: “OK....

Person #1 (Marina): a dish of mixed berries and some whole wheat toast

Coffee for 2, a pot of Hot water, and a pot of hot milk

Person #2 (Jacques): Full English breakfast, with scrambled eggs, bacon, and Cumberland sausage , tomato’s and mushrooms, with whole wheat toast

Person #3 (me): a dish of mixed berries, french toast, and a side of streaky bacon

Hot Chocolate, and a pot of hot milk

Will that be all Madam? Room service said as he repeated the order. “It will be about 30 minutes”.

“Thank you”, I said, and hung up.


Roughly a half hour later, our breakfast had arrive, on a roll-away table. The lady asked if I would like her to set the table up. I told her that would be very nice. She began taking stuff out of the oven underneath the table top, and I was showing her where to put what. When she. Had finished setting uptown places, she said:

“Will there be anything else, madam?”

“Of course there will be. Where is the third breakfast??

“This is all I have...” she said followed by “Are you sure you ordered another breakfast? I do not have it here”.

“Of course, I am sure!” and I showed her my order sheet. “How could you forget an entire breakfast?!” I was horrified. Jacques’ English Breakfast was no where to be seen.

**breakfast for two (Jacques’ breakfast they forgot!)**

“I will have my manager talk to you. I will bring the breakfast in 10 minutes. I will have my manager talk to you” she said as she ran out the door.


A few minutes later a gentleman appeared, carrying a large tray filled with a full English breakfast for Jacques. As we were to learn, this was the room service manager, very embarrassed at their mistake, and gushing with apologies.

“would a bottle of champagne help to convert our sincere apologies?” he asked.

Marina’s ears perked, and a smile appeared on her face.

“Oh, yes, that would surely help”. She said.

“That would be very nice, thank you .” I replied.

Meanwhile Jacques was a happy bunny, seemingly to thoroughly his long overdue breakfast.

After the room service manage left us..... the three of us were numb with disbelief

How we could get so messed up two breakfasts in a row. Particularly in a five-star hotel. My gosh, I wonder what tomorrow’s first meal of the day is going to bring... and if we are all going to be able to eat together.


Marina had a couple of things she had to do at her bank today. And me, all I needed to accomplish was my Christmas bear from Harrods. Harrods would be our first stop... so after a quick cab ride, we were working our way up to the Christmas shop on the second floor

As it ended up we also had to buy Jacques a new suitcase, the luggage handlers

Had evidently put a rather ugly gaping hole in his bag.

Within an hour, we had accomplished not only a Christmas bear, but also a new duffle for Jacques.

It was a this point that we separated. Jacques and Marina went to take care of their banking, and I took Jacques’ duffle and went back to the hotel.

While Jacques and Marina were doing their thing I reported the second breakfast incident to the concierge. Michael (the concierge supervisor), ha already heard about these two incidents in their managers meeting. He was absolutely horrified that this could happen.

“Oh, Mrs. Knepper, you are such a valued, important client of ours, I assure you nothing like this will ever happen again. Do not worry about your dinner this evening with your friends, I have personally secured a beautiful table for you in front of the windows! You will have no problems at all tonight, I guarantee it, with our sincerest apologies.”

“Thank you so much, Michael. I sure hope you are right. This was certainly not your fault, but I so appreciate you overseeing that this dinner with my dear friends, we will all be able to eat at the same time. With my luck, you will be out of the crepe suisette makings, which I wanted to have for my friends.”

“Oh, Mrs.Knepper, do not worry about the crepe suisette, they will be a gift from us!”

Michael said.

“Thank you so much Michael.” I said so sincerely.


Marina and Jacques got their banking done fairly quickly, then Marina showed Jacques around a little before heading back to the hotel around 4:00pm.

While Jacques was sewing/repairing the hole in the seams of his bag, Marina and I dashed across the street to our annual visit to the best pharmacy ever, “Boots”. Giggling as we went, we gathered up our essentials, and went back to the room, to indulge in a champagne cocktail, and and changed, before heading downstairs to the hotel’s formal dining room.


“Oh my God!!!!” I exclaimed, as my jaw dropped to the floor! “I do not believe it!”

“You guys look amazing!!!”

Wow! I was still spell bound at how great they looked, as I accompanied them to the dining room. As promised, we had the best table in the room, and a barrage of waiters welcoming us, including the evening dining room manager.

“We are all here, Mrs.Knepper, to make sure your evening is wonderful”





The piece de resistance was the final step to this unbelievable dinner: Crepe Suisettes




As the three of us struggled to get out of out seats, we felt like we had to waddle upstairs. It is getting very late, and we leave for Seattle tomorrow.

Good night our last night in London.


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