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Map of our location in London at the RITZ

Our version of afternoon tea before going to the theatre

[Note: I forgot to take my camera with me today, so you will only have one picture to relive this day with me.]

Good Morning. It felt so good to have eachof us with a full, comfortable and lengthy good night's sleep. Lazily we got up, and strolled down to breakfast a little before 9:00a.m. .

Marina and I were so excited to be able to share this yummy buffet breakfast that the RITZ provides. Oh the gloriousness of being back at this wonderful hotel.

This is precisely when our breakfast from h - - - began.

Time clock is the easiest way I can have you relive with us our unbelievable horrid adventure in a 5-star hotel


8:50a: We arrived at the entrance of the absolutely lovely main dining room. The was no one at the entrance to greet us, take our room # and show us to a table.

......So we waited, waited, waited, waited


9:05a: A woman finally shows up, takes info, and takes us to our table. "You waiter will be right with you." she said as she disappeared, and we never saw her again.

......So we waited, waited, waited

No one showed up at our table, for the beginning water service, or anything else!


9:20a: Water person showed up.... but he had no water... he had orange juice. Telling us it was fresh squeezed, when it actually asked like more frozen concentrate,very watery.... and if there was any "fresh", it may have been 1/2 orange per pitcher.

"Could I have some water please, for three persons". I asked. "And also some coffee??"

"I do not have water or coffee Your waiter will be right with you", he responded. He left the table.

.....So we waited, waited, waited


9:35a: a waiter appeared to take our order (1/2 hour after we were seated!).

Jacques: "I want buffet, please"

Marina: "I want the buffet, also. Could be also have a pot of coffee for 2 persons, and 1 pot of hot milk and 1 pot of hot water"

Me: "I would like oatmeal, with a side of English Muffin, and streaky bacon. Is it ok if I take some fruit from the buffet to put on my oatmeal?

Waiter: "Yes, of course, madam. 2 buffets, 1 pot of coffee, and one pot of hot milk, and one pot of. Hot water.

Porridge with English muffin and stern ready bacon"

Me: "yes.... that is correct", I confirmed.

The waiter left the table.

......and we waited, waited, waited


9:40a: Jacques and Marina went up to the buffet table, and helped themselves to what was left. The buffet table was less than half full at this point. They kept going back and forth for a couple more times, helping themselves to the remainders of what was being offered.

......and we waited, waited, waited

9:50a: The coffee, hot water and milk arrive for two persons. Also an apple juice (mine) arrived for one.

......and we waited, waited, waited


10:00a: the buffet table had run out of food, and was on the total verge of empty. I noticed other people who were standing next to the buffet, empty plates in hand, with no food at the buffet to put on their plates. One man got angry enough -- he threw his plate down on the table, and walked out of the dining oom.

......and we waited, waited, waited


10:05a.; Marina got up from the table and went to find someone and inquire on my missing breakfast.

"Someone will be right with you, Madam...." a man told Marina before she came back to the table to report.

......and we waited, waited, waited


10:15a.: The waiter (Joseph) came to the table.

"Where is my breakfast" I asked

"It's coming..." Josephy answered

"But when, II ordered it almost 45 minutes ago" I said

"I will speak to the chef, madam". Josephy politely answered

"Also, the buffet table is almost empty. There are people going up there with empty plates, and not. Having any food to put on them. When is the restaurant going to re-fill the vacant table?"

"I am sure they will do it soon, Madam!" Josephy replied. He left to go to the kitchen and talk to the chef.

......and we waited, waited, waited


10.25a: Josephy return, saying "the food would be out in maybe 5 minutes. Sorry about this delay, Madam -- the kitchen has been very busy...".

..... and we waited, waited, waited


10:30a: the oatmeal arrived, looking like liquid water, and lukewarm -- along with streaky bacon.

"Where is my English muffin?" I inquired

"It's coming", Josephy said kindly

Yes in did the English muffin did arrive barley warm, and cut with one side too thick, and the other too thin. Oh well -- this is so frustrating. Jacques and Marina have been thru with their breakfast for almost a hour, when my lukewarm watery oatmeal arrived.

......and we left, left, left


On the way out, I saw the restaurant manager and told him the horrid time we had with breakfast.

He seemed to be quite unimpressed with everything I was relating to him.

"When you come. Back in the morning, I will see that all will run better for you..." he said coldly.

"I do no think we will be back in the morning, because I want to eat at the same time as my friends.

We will order room service, they seem to be able to get three people served at the same time!"


With that I left, and joined Jacques and Marina who were back in the room, dying to know what I said and what their reaction was.

"Nonchalant and unbelieving", I told to Marina and Jacques about what the manager's reaction was. His excuse was they were very busy......

With the entire. Morning now wasted.... we decided t move on tote next thing on our agenda for the day.

The Apple Store . Jacques iopad has something very seriously wrong with it, and I have been helping to limp it along until we got to London. The two major problems as I saw it were: 1) the ipad would not turn off and 2) it was drained power to dead within minutes. While on Milena I was telling Jacques, I thought that the on/off switch might be handled under his warranty. If the problems with his iPods can not be fixed.... Apple should replace it under warranty.

We went into the store, and made an appt., and within a hour we saw a genius.

Yes -- the power switch is broken -- not to abuse, do to something internally. YES Apple will replace Jacques' ipad free. However, they did not have his IPad in stock, so we will take care of this in Seattle. The draining power is an overall problem that Apple is having with their new software version... so update, and this might take care of the power issues. Apple is well aware of this problem. All in all it was a very successful trip to the Apple Store in London. It took us a little under three hours, but we have answers, and we know what to do.

By the time this ordeal was through -- Jacques was ready to go back to the hotel, and take a siesta.

Marina and I were both hungry, and since we were not going to have dinner until much later tonight I ordered and ham, and beef platter, and a cheeses platter with crackers for us to nibble on. When Asking Jacques if he was something to eat -- " No....I sleep...." he said.

When the poo poo platters arrived, Marina and I sat down to our own personal feast.

I swear Jacques could smell food, so he was right next to the table, helping himself to the breads before Marina and I could sit down. In the end, Jacques joined us for the poo poo platters for two, and we devoured all the food quite easily.

We are going to the theatre tonight "MOTOWN THE MUSICAL" and are being picked up at 6;45p.m. For a 7:30pm curtain. We just had time enough time to shower, change and make ourselves presentable for the theatre. At 6:45p.m. We were being chauffeured from the Hotel to the Shaftesbury Theatre, where he will wait for us, then transporting us to my favorite restaurants St Mortimer, waiting, then bring us back to the RITZ.

Once we arrived at the theatre, we went right to the stall bar -- well Marina and I did (Jacques wanted to sit in his seat), and had a glass of champagne, and ordering 3 more champagnes for the interval.

Marina and I both love musicals and were getting really excited to see MOTOWN THE MUSICAL. I was not really familiar with the background of Motown, so the theatre and the internet provided me with a great outlook on just how special this kind of music was and how important in the history of rock, rhythm and blues by black artists, at a very heavily racial period in our country.

Motown is an American record company. The record company was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. as Tamla Records on January 12, 1959,[1][2] and was incorporated as Motown Record Corporation on April 14, 1960, in Detroit, Michigan.[3] The name, a portmanteau of motor and town, has also become a nickname for Detroit. Motown played an important role in the racial integration of popular music as an African American-owned record label that achieved significant crossover success. In the 1960s, Motown and its subsidiary labels (including Tamla Motown, the brand used outside the US) were the most successful proponents of what came to be known as the Motown Sound, a style of soul music with a distinct pop influence. During the 1960s, Motown achieved spectacular success for a small record company: 79 records in the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100 record chart between 1960 and 1969.[4]


Motown logo.svg

Parent company Universal Music Group

Founded January 12, 1959; 58 years ago in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Founder Berry Gordy Jr.

Distributor(s) Capitol Music Group

(in the US)

Virgin EMI Records

(in the UK)

Universal Music Group


Genre Various

Country of origin United States

Location Detroit

New York City

Los Angeles

Following the events of the Detroit Riots of 1967, and the loss of key songwriting/production team Holland-Dozier-Holland the same year over pay disputes, Gordy began relocating Motown to Los Angeles. The move was completed in 1972 and Motown expanded into television and film production, remaining an independent company until June 28, 1988. The company was then sold to MCA Inc. Motown was later sold to PolyGram in 1994, before being sold again to MCA Records' successor, Universal Music Group, when it acquired PolyGram in 1999.[1]

Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, and the Temptations had remained with the label since its early days, although all except Wonder recorded for other labels for several years. Ross left Motown for RCA Records from 1981 to 1988, but returned in 1989 and stayed until 2002. Robinson left the label in the early 1990s, and the Temptations left a second time in 2004. Wonder is, today, the only artist from Motown's early period still on the label.

The Musical was super good! A tremendous cast, and the music had you wiggling in your seats. The person play Diana Ross, and Berry Gordy were both terrific. Marina and I adored it -- and Jacques really got into the music as well.

After the theatre let out, we went to St. Moritz for a fondue evening. The same waitress was still there, and when she saw me walk through the door, she ran toward me and we gave each other the biggest of hugs. This is the same person that waited on me, when I went there with Rick. A nice lady -- who know the moment she saw me exactly what I was going to order, so menus and wine lists were not necessary.

What fun the three of us had indulging on the cheese, meat and chocolate fondue. And, of course, the roasters, and salad. The only way we could make thru 3 very filling fondues, was to do the cheese for three, the beef for one, and the chocolate for three. The bestest dinner ever!! The three of us left there, saying "see you next year", and feeling like three overstuffed alley cats.

Once back at the hotel, we each said goodnight and flopped into our beds, being in lala land almost instantly.


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