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Sign on the High Line

Walkway on High Line

Remaining train tracks on High Line

Arch of Silver Birch trees on High Line

Sunbeds on High Line

Carrie's stoop in Sex in the City

Magnolia Bakery from Sex in the City

Our first Halloween decorated house in Greenwich Village

Big Gay Icecream Shop

Eating Bleecker Street pizza

Do Shop (selling Cookie Dough)

Menu of cookie dough flavours

Eloise and her cup of dough

Feet not coping with all the walking so it was an Uber ride up towards Greenwich Village this morning starting off on the High Line Park.

High Line is an elevated park or greenspace which was established by volunteers on a 2.3 km length of the New York Central Railway spur running through West Manhattan. Today it is a beautiful recreational garden with seating, fountains, shrubs and trees for New Yorkers and visitors alike to enjoy the outdoors. The derelict railway section had been taken over by weeds when it was mooted to turn it into the park it is today. It now contains many of the usual plants grown in the area as well as beautiful silver birch trees and grasses. Certainly a lovely area to walk along and take in the views of the city and river.

Brodie is a fan of the old series Sex and the City so this morning was going to be her morning wandering around The Village and being a tourist at several key spots used in the filming of the series. First up we found Perry Street and the house used as the front stoop of Carrie's house. The stoop is a set of steps built up to the front door above an area outside the basement of the buildings. This particular house was one dating back to the late 1800's and the stoop was quite nicely done compared to some of the other houses in the street.

Today was going to be a gastronomic day again so we just had to walk around the corner to Magnolia Bakery. Apparently this was just a little bakery until several characters were featured in the series eating cupcakes from there. Just had to have us a sample cupcake or in the case of Eloise and myself, a cup of banana pudding then lots of obligatory tourist photos and sitting in a little park opposite to eat them.

Not far from there we visited the apartment building used in the TV series "Friends" seeing a great Halloween decorated house in the same street. There are also a lot of antique bird houses attached to the trees lining the streets which were somewhat cute.

Our next gastronomic stop was at Bleecker Street Pizza which has the reputation in New York as the best pizza around. Could not argue with that title after each tasting a different slice of pizza.

Next stop was also a gastronomic one at the Big Gay Icecream shop where we sampled a salted caramel drizzled then chocolate dipped soft serve icecream. Once again, very famous icecream shop in NY.

Thank goodness the next stop was just a photo stop for Eloise outside the Blue Note Jazz Club. However, it was only a short distance to our next food stop called Do (as in Cookie Dough). Yes folks, there is a shop in New York which sells raw cookie dough as a dessert experience. You buy it by the cup, cone, glass just like you would an icecream. Only in America. But of course, never return to the store again so just had to try it. I had a small cup o S'mores which for my Aussie readers is a sandwich made from Graham crackers (like our shredded wheat) with a chocolate and marshmallow melted in between. Whereas the odd lick of cake batter or biscuit mix is naughty, a whole cup of raw cookie dough after the first few spoons full became somewhat disgusting. The last bit ended up in the bin. It was unbelievably busy in there with tubs of take home dough available as well.

I must say I was quite pleased when our eating tour finished as we still faced the prospect of dinner tonight before our show.

Eloise enjoyed the Tenement Museum so much 2 days ago that she wanted to take Vanessa along to visit one of the apartment tours. We made it over to the Lower East Side a bit late to take the 2.15 tour unfortunately but that gave us time to browse through the shop before our tour at 2.45. This time we did the Levine and Rogashevsky apartments which related to the era when Orchard Street residents were involved in the garment industry with sweatshops set up in their apartments. This was the first tour John and myself did a few years ago and was just as great second time around for me and both Eloise, Vanessa and Brodie thought it fantastic. Eloise even made the statement today that the Tenement Museum has been the highlight of her trip to New York this time.

Running somewhat late now as our show tonight starts at 7pm, we have to get back to the apartment, change, pick up tickets and get up to Broadway for dinner somewhere. No problems in achieving that and ended up back at Southern Hospitality BBQ for another fantastic dinner before a short walk around the corner to the theatre.

Tonight we saw the much anticipated Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was probably the most looked forward to and anticipated of the 5 shows. However, all 4 of us came away a little disappointed in the show. The child playing Charlie was great but the sets were so sparse on a huge stage, in some aspects the characters were updated like Mike TV was now a tech loving teenager carrying around two mobile phones but his mother was still a 1950's alcoholic housewife! I expected a great scene when poor Augustus Gloop fell into the chocolate river but it was just a little diorama with a rubberised brown sheet stretched across and he dived through it into the bottom of the set. Very understated and underdone and yes, disappointing. Certainly would not bother seeing it if it came to Melbourne. May see one more show tomorrow night if we feel like it - maybe Aladdin or Beautiful - the Carol King story.

We are all pretty tired out but Vanessa had to make just one more stop as we passed Holey Cream for another flavour of icecream (I guess if you only eat lettuce and tomatoes for dinner and some tater tots, you may need some more sustenance).

Back at the apartment Brodie and Eloise have collapsed, poor Vanessa is marking her students SACs and posting video comments to them on the school portal and even I am about to desert her and drift off.\

Last full day in New York for us tomorrow and visiting the Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller building for a spectacular autumn view over New York. Not sure yet what the rest of the day will bring. Eloise and I will probably do the Harry Houdini museum while Brodie and Vanessa will do Central Park and a walk over Brooklyn Bridge.

Goodnight all.

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