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Hair Salon

View of Vineyard

Chickens at Vineyard

Grapes affected by heat wave

Grapes ready to squeeze

Close photo of grapes ready for press

Grapes dumped into conveyor for Press

Walk-In Wine, Pear and Veggie Cellar

October 2 – Hair Cut, Grape Crushing Viewing, More Wine Tasting and Vineyard Walking Tours

We started the morning by opening Steve’s Hair Salon for my best and only customer. I set up shop in the RV due the coolness and wind gusts of the morning.

We took a walking tour of the vineyard and stopped at the Tasting Room for more tasting – a sample of 10 is always recommended to ensure a good statistical conclusion. : )

For lunch, we drove 8 miles to Philo and had a delicious salad of Baby Romaine with goat cheese and oil.

One the way back to the vineyard, we stopped at a farm market and bought ear corn, cider and French Butter Pears – the latter are delicious and not grainy.

The Handley Cellars Vineyard produces 120,000 bottles of wine per year and produce about 12 different wines, mostly reds.

We watched the tubs of crushed grapes that had been fermenting for a few weeks being dumped into a cylindrical squeeze container that uses a pressurized bladder to force the liquid from the grapes.

The grapes are harvested at night by groups of folks that move from vineyard to vineyard in the valley as needed. High wattage, elevated lights are used to light the rows. The grapes are kept cool at 55F to slow the fermentation process before and after the yeast solution is added.

The reds are aged in wooden barrels and the whites in stainless steel tanks.

Handley purchases grapes from other vineyards in the valley that only grow the grapes and not make wines.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we travel a couple hours south to Petaluma where we will camp at a KOA for 4 nights.

Lost Balls – The thoroughness of our drawer slide lost ball report has been questioned. We could not video our ball re-install process since it took 4 steady hands to accomplish the delicate process. But, if the darn drawer comes out again, we will certainly consider setting up my phone on a tripod so that the ball re-install process can be videoed and then appreciated and enjoyed by all. : )

As a follow-up, the 1x2 wood lathe in the handles of the three drawers, shown previously, did function as desired on the trip to Philo; tomorrow may tell a different story.

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