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Stromboli Volcano

Stromboli Village

Vitelli's bar


F'orza d'Agro

Church in Forza d'Agro


This morning we cruised by the Island of Stromboli and its village. Stromboli is an active Volcano so no sure why anyone would want to live on this tiny island, but they do. Then we made Port in Messina, Sicily and took a tour with three other couples that covered places the Godfather movies were filmed. Throughout the tour it rained on and off.

We first went to the Village of Savoca (known as Corleone in the movie) and apparently bears no resemblance to the real village of Corleone. Visited Vitelli's Bar where Michael Corleone asks to marry his first wife and then visited the church that he walked from with Appoloni after they were married. Very small village but it has two Catholic Churches, at least, within 2 blocks of each other. Then we made our way to F'orza de Agro, another small village of 1,000 people where two scenes were filmed. This village has no less than 4 Catholic Churces, eached staffed by its own Italian Priest, according to our guide. From there we went to Taormina, a tourist trap where we dropped for 1-1/2 hours in the hope we might buy something I think. Dorothy and I bought some Canolli for €6.40 so I guess that counts, but probably not what they wanted. It was a quaint little tourist town with at least 4 maybe 5 Catholic Churches. So in three villages with probably less than 5,000 population there were at least 11 Catholic Churches. The people are well saved.

Finally we returned to our ship for a lovlely dinner of overlooked steak, bland carrots and French fries for me while the lovely lady with me had boring chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, bland carrots and Brussels sprouts. We ate with Allen and Anne from Austrailia and worked hard to solve the world problems but likely to no avail.

Finally back to our stateroom for a well earned glass of wine left over from the night before.

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